Nikon D5300 only body Specifications, Review, Price

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Nikon D5300 only body is 24.2 MP Resolution Camrea with Full HD 1920x1080 Type Video, SD, SDHC, SDXC Type Battery, 3.2 Inch Display and Li-ion BatteryIt is very close to the previous model Nikon D5200 but comes up with some great advancement under the hood. Built-in Wi-Fi facility is one of them. Picture resolution is very similar like the advance model D7100 and 39-point AF system is a nice addition. High ISO performance is good to taking photos in low light condition.
Nikon D5300 only body Specifications, Review, Price

Nikon D5300 only body Specifications:

Resolution 24.2 MP
Display 3.2 Inch
Memory-Type SD, SDHC, SDXC
Lens F bayonet mount 18-55 mm
Weight 480 gm
Sensor-Type CMOS
Video Full HD 1920x1080
Battery Li-ion Battery
The D5200's trump card was its 39-point autofocus sensor, which is considerably
better specified than the 700D's 9-point and the K-50's 11-point sensor. However, for us this wasn't enough to overcome its relatively laborious controls and disappointing
RAW performance. Meanwhile, we found that the kit lens wasn't able to capitalise on the generous 24-megapixel resolution, resulting in photos with less detail than its lower-resolution rivals.

As before, the self-timer function deactivates after each frame, which is pretty annoying when using it to avoid shaking the camera when it's mounted on a tripod. Our other grumbles about the controls remain unresolved, too, with few labelled buttons making it over-reliant on menu navigation. Some key features such as the auto ISO mode are buried deep within the main menu.

The video mode now captures 1080p footage at a choice of 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60fps. The D5200's 50 and 60fps modes were restricted to 1080i capture, which is best avoided in our opinion. We don't have much call to shoot at frame rates faster than 25fps, but the ability to slow footage down in software for atmospheric slow-motion shots makes this change worthwhile. 50 and 60fps clips are limited to 10 minutes, while slower frame rates run for up to 20 minutes. Sadly, there's no improvement to the D5200's clunky video autofocus, which must be invoked manually by half-pressing the shutter button, whereupon it darts back and forth and adds audible whirrs to the soundtrack.

Nikon D5300 only body Price In Bangladesh: 36,499 BDT
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