is now free basics (Officially Changed)

Published on 7:23 pm by is now free basics (Officially Changed). Free Internet access throughout the world, with the goal to reach the organization started its journey on Facebook Internet dot. The continuation of the more well-designed free website on the Internet. Internet dot-dot-com name of the organization is now underway free basics Facebook activities. Change of name only, they did not stop.
free basics now free basics

In addition to the name change free basics their service. Previous to the site of a new category has been added to websites 1. In the meantime, the world's No.1 search engine Google and the BBC News and service. There are also,,, iLearn, in Money Matters, the Smart Business, the Smart Woman, Agricultural, Thesaurus, World Reader and Malaria No More.

To use the new site further down the websites and apps to add service options (the button with three dots) and click Add more services. And the choice of the website can be used by adding low cost. However, the new service has been added, it can not be used more than once a day. No changes were seen in free basics and much else.  Note that this facility will be the only company SIM users.

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