Grameenphone ALL 3G Internet Packages List (Updated)

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Grameenphone (GP) is one of the most popular mobile operator company in Bangladesh. They provide different exclusive internet package for their customers. All gp 3g internet packages are better then other mobile operator companies in Bangladesh. So we shared grameenphone all 3g internet packages lists and update informations. Afterwards reading this article you can choose your favorite grameenphone 3g package and enjoy high speed 3G internet service with grameenphone.
Grameenphone ALL 3G Internet Packages List

Grameenphone ALL 3G Internet Packages

4 MB
Volume: 4 MB
Validity: 2 Day
Valid For: Prepaid, Postpaid
Price: 2.5 BDT
Active (With Auto-renewal): *5000*1*1#
Active (Without Auto-renewal): *5000*1*2#
35 MB
Volume: 35 MB
Validity: 7 Day
Valid For: Prepaid, Postpaid
Price: 18 BDT
Active (With Auto-renewal): *5000*2*1#
Active (Without Auto-renewal): *5000*2*2#
75 MB
Volume: 75 MB
Validity: 7 Day
Valid For: Prepaid, Postpaid
Price: 37 BDT
Active (With Auto-renewal): *5000*3*1#
Active (Without Auto-renewal): *5000*3*2#
100 MB
Volume: 100 MB
Validity: 300 Day
Valid For: Prepaid, Postpaid
Price: 56 BDT
Active (With Auto-renewal): *5000*4*1#
Active (Without Auto-renewal): *5000*4*2#
250 MB
Volume: 250 MB
Validity: 28 Day
Valid For: Prepaid, Postpaid
Price: 119 BDT
Active (With Auto-renewal): *5000*5*1#
Active (Without Auto-renewal): *5000*5*2#
1536 MB (1.5 GB)
Volume: 1536 MB (1.5 GB)
Validity: 28 Day
Valid For: Prepaid, Postpaid
Price: 337 BDT
Active (With Auto-renewal): *5000*6*1#
Active (Without Auto-renewal): *5000*6*2#
2560 MB (2.5 GB)
Volume: 2560 MB (2.5 GB)
Validity: 28 Day
Valid For: Prepaid, Postpaid
Price: 427 BDT
Active (With Auto-renewal): *5000*7*1#
Active (Without Auto-renewal): *5000*7*2#
4096 MB (4 GB)
Volume: 4096 MB (4 GB)
Validity: 28 Day
Valid For: Prepaid, Postpaid
Price: 609 BDT
Active (With Auto-renewal): *5000*8*3*4*1#
Active (Without Auto-renewal): *5000*8*3*4*2#
8192 MB (8 GB)
Volume: 8192 MB (8 GB)
Validity: 28 Day
Valid For: Prepaid, Postpaid
Price: 1157 BDT
Active (With Auto-renewal): *5000*8*3*5*1#
Active (Without Auto-renewal): *5000*8*3*5*2#
12288 MB (12 GB)
Volume: 12288 MB (12 GB)
Validity: 28 Day
Valid For: Prepaid, Postpaid
Price: 1522 BDT
Active (With Auto-renewal): *5000*8*3*6*1#
Active (Without Auto-renewal): *5000*8*3*6*2#
20480 MB (20 GB)
Volume: 20480 MB (20 GB)
Validity: 28 Day
Valid For: Prepaid, Postpaid
Price: 2436 BDT
Active (With Auto-renewal): *5000*8*3*7*1#
Active (Without Auto-renewal): *5000*8*3*7*2#

  • 15% VAT and Auto-renewal applicable for all the above packge (if you have choose).
  • To check remaining internet data volume. Please dial *567*1# and to know about the amount of usage volume dial *567*2#.
  • To stop auto-renewal feature. Please write a message OFF and send it to 5000 .
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