BlackBerry Android Phones will hit the market in November

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BlackBerry Android Phones will hit the market in November. Finally, the world is going to bring Android phone maker BlackBerry mobile phone. This phone is called the Venice of the mobile market in November, is expected to mothers.
BlackBerry Android Phones

BlackBerry Android Phones

The BlackBerry 'Venice' in the name of the smartphone has a hands-on video of a Canadian company curved mobile phone dealers. The report also expresses the wife IT website and Android Authority.

Android Authority reports that the phone will use the Hexa-core 1 GHz Snapdragon 808 processor decimal 8. In addition, the display screen has a 5 percent to 4 inches Kiueikadi covered. There are also 3 GB of RAM and 18 megapixel rear camera.

However, dual-keyboard BlackBerry will remain in Venice as a surprise. Just slide away QWERTY without the touch screen keyboard under touch screen the keypad will be monitored. The keyboard can be used to scroll through the screen comfort capacitive flowers.

The long-running battle with Android and BlackBerry would not be able to change this is. BlackBerry phones in the second quarter of eight million units have been sold. So coming to BlackBerry in the mobile market to restore their occupied Venice.

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