Banglalink Spacial Offer! Recharge BDT 19

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Banglalink Spacial Offer! Recharge BDT 19. Prepaid connections are getting on and off the recharge to 19 GB 3G Internet at 9. Talk to any company that also number 5 paise / minute and the number of 60 paisa / minute call rate, 4 hours day and night. To learn whether your connection is on offer in this connection that any company send free SMS from the number, type number 4343.
Banglalink Spacial Offer! Recharge BDT 19

If you are launching a new prepaid

  • 5 Preloaded money that can be used for any talk-time, with 15 days validity period will recharge any amount during the period of a lifetime.
  • 50 MB Bonus Internet, including the period of 3 days to get the bonus. Internet and get bonus dial *124*5#
  • The number to 50 SMS that can be used in any company. Including the period of 10 days to get the bonus. SMS to check the bonus by dialing *124*4#
  • The 1000 MB of Facebook and its validity is 60 days. Facebook's bonus, dial *222*3*33#
  • The 30 days are free for customers with a free subscription to my tune tune company. The first outgoing call, the service will be started on the 6th day my tune one month after the service will be closed. To re-activate the service, customers 'start' to send SMS to number 2222 type.
  • A special Friends & Family number 5 / 10sec (around 1 pm to 4 pm) and 10 paisa / 10 sec (around 1 pm to 4 pm) 16.5 / 10sec 4 hours to any number, day and night.

For new and closed 19 recharge prepaid

September 10, 015 since running the company Prepaid customers can enjoy this offer you
5 August introduced new connections to customers' on the new connection, "Offer said the September 10 to 19 recharge the new offer can enjoy 30 July, 015 or until all of the unused prepaid and call & control subscribers (except aitapa-up), subject to Re This offer applies to all customers, new and close connection 19 recharge any company number 5 paise / minute and the other operators of 60 paisa / min rate can talk, day-night, 4 hours (1 sec pulse applicable) special call rate term recharge including 10 days. During the period of validity is extended to 19 recharge.

To unsubscribe from this offer, new or close connections to dial * 166 * 234 #, which will be applicable after 1 pm on the day and night. Unsubscribe night after 1 pm before a customer 19 recharge, then the next 10 days will enjoy this offer unsubscribe from the special offer, and do not apply to un-subscribe after the customer back to the previous call rate will return to New in connection with this special rate if you migrate to another will not be applicable. In that case, again, to get the results by dialing *999*1*146# 19 at a time to recharge.

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