Submit your files in the Robi Free Cloud Storage

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Submit your files in the Robi Free Cloud Storage. Robi gives you, "Robi Cloud"; Invaluable for customers the first cloud storage service. Visit company website to enter the cloud service customer or visit the Google Play Store applications without having to download from the Robi Cloud applications can also be accessed through.
Robi Free Cloud

Robi Cloud Storage Informations

  • Sun Cloud Browse to register or login Sun Cloud applications (only available on Google Play Store for Android phones).
  • Also have with all platinum, platinum and diamond customers 30 days after the launch of data services in 15 GB, 15 GB and 1 GB of storage for the cloud will be covered.
  • All available in a variety of customer segments liability 10 GB cloud storage services will enjoy.
  • All new connections customers 79 recharge, 4 months and 10 GB of free data will.
  • Free Cloud Storage services enjoyment of the customers in the second month of 30 days within 1 GB or more simplified or the Magic Pack Auto-renew based on the purchase of the service will be offered.
  • The last 30 days the Internet is easy pack or mazic pack 1 GB or more of data, even if the purchase is not the cloud service auto-renewal will be uploaded to store files.
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